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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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I have an old Readers Digest from September 1939. The cost was just 1 shilling a copy. The lead article described five ways to get rich.

The first was good free land. You buy the land and sell it at a profit.
The second was the rapid increase of population.
The third was foreign trade.
The fourth was easy money through industry.
The fifth - the hardest way - simply hard work.

Our children writing eleven plus examination may, in time, be able to buy and sell land. The population is still rising. Trade still earns millions for some. Making money through indiustry looks a little harder at times. The fifth - hard work - is still readily available to children.

It is hard for some nine to ten year olds to be able to look months ahead and work towards a goal. Other children are able to grasp the need to keep focused and to work steadily towards an idea.

This 11+ blog aims to provide independant comment, thoughts and ideas on education and the eleven plus for children in the United Kingdom. Ask your children how they think they will `get rich' one day.

We welcome your feedback and comments.

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