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Monday, May 01, 2006

Easter Course

One of our 11+ holiday courses is held at the Hurst Road Community Centre in Sidcup. The centre has had many different uses over the years. The centre has a large hall with a number of other rooms - along with a conservatory. The grounds are spacious - with lovely trees.

One tree has a long sloping canopy. A large bird's nest can be seen from below. Every year, and we have offered courses here for over ten years, the children try to kick a football into the nest. The nest is at least fifteen metres above the gound. This is a challenge to every red blooded ten year old. We are not sure why and how the folk lore of the `ball in the nest' started - but last year someone succeded. A white football lies in the nest. The ball can be seen from the conservatory's steps. Joy and happiness to all children!

Children need periods of rest while they are working. Physical exercise helps many children to relax. Some of the child look forward more to the break period than they do to the 11+ work.

This year we had no additional footballs in the nest but, once again, lotss of happy children and satisfied parents!

Start booking now for the Summer Holiday Courses!

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