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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Eleven Plus Tracking

I know this has to be taken from granted but some parents do seem to spend a lot of time in the car. So what happens if we can develop a special `Eleven Plus Sat Nav’ system?

This would take your child to school.

Drop child number two off.

Go to your normal morning endeavour – work, curtains, coffee, shopping, phone calls and general multitasking.


More `busy’ events.

Collect child 2. Collect `Eleven Plus Child’.

Drop Eleven Plus child at lesson. Take Child 2 to lesson. (Different lesson, different place.)

Quick shop.

Collect Child 2. Collect Eleven Plus Child. Hear and respond to normal sibling rivalry. Ask about lesson. Offer kindness and support. Say it will be all right on the night.

Help homework. Help eleven plus work. Comment on both.

Prepare evening meal. Cope with three phone calls. (Two calls on your landline and a much better call on your mobile.

Pour food down children. Take the dog for a walk. Talk through homework. Do some too. Kiss them all good night – including the dog.

Settle down to your studies. Learn about pacifying crowds. Wish you had the same tools at your disposal. Hear that you can have that new car. Offer a little prayer.

Ask for a car with a built in Sat Nav.

The route would be: home, school, work, school, home, lesson, home – and `night out’. Average daily distance = 58 miles. Hear that petrol is going up by two pence a litre. Work out that this will cost more over a year. Offer a little prayer.

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