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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Nice Cup of Eleven Plus Tea

“Relax dear, just do your best. You have been working hard for some months. Your last eleven plus examination is next week. Sit back and enjoy the fact that you have worked hard and done your best.”

“I hear what you say, mum, – but I don’t feel all that well. Do you think please that I can have some of grandmother’s secret weapon?”

“Of course, dear. We can give your grandmother a ring and see if we can go over.”

“Hello Grandmother.”

“Hello dear. Your mum says that your last examination is very close and that you feel that you may need a little help in calming down?”

“Yes please. We don’t have any Chamomile at home – and I don’t really like the taste. It tastes like rotten apples.”

“Well dear, chamomile has been used for years for just about any problems associated with the digestive system. But don’t let your mother forget to cover the tea when it is standing. It loses some of the oils. I have always said that chamomile has a gentle relaxing action. Your grandfather used to give you a cloth soaked in brandy when you were teething – but we used to argue about this all the time.”

“Grandma, my eleven plus is coming up – I can’t drink any brandy. My head will go funny.”

“Well your mother used to read the Beatrix Potter story to you where Peter Rabbit is given some chamomile by his mother when he came home from his adventures in Mr. McGregor’s garden. You always had some then because Peter Rabbit was your hero!”

“Thank you mother – I had forgotten that. Let us go dear – we can read Peter Rabbit again together – that should relax you before your examination.”

“But mum, I am nearly eleven now. I don’t need to be read to any more.”

(Mothers sometimes have difficulty in winning.)

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