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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Executive Search and Selection

Wanted a Hard Working Child

The Role
• You will report directly to your parents.
• You will demonstrate full responsibility to your teachers and school.
• You need to `Lead, Motivate and Develop’ a team culture of working hard at school and at home.
• You will direct and motivate your family to try to make sure that you deliver an Eleven Plus result that all the family can be proud of.

• As a key member of the Eleven Plus team you will have budgetary responsibility for buying a wide range of eleven plus papers. You will make sure that you work through the papers and ask for help when you get stuck.

The Requirements
• Ideally a calm, hardworking child with lots of outside interests.
• A desire to `get though’ life without arguing too often with your parents.
• You will be enthusiastic about working towards a goal. You may waver at times but you are expected to keep focused.
• You will be capable of settling down to work willingly and happily.
• It is essential that you are passionate and dynamic. `Laid back’ individuals should not apply.

About The Examination

The Eleven Plus examination demands a degree of commitment and self sacrifice. You will not be able to do everything you want – but will need to learn to budget your time and effort. Be careful in your relationship with your parents – after all you might need them one day for more than food and a roof over your head. You may feel grumpy at times but greet your parents and teachers kindly and with compassion. Everyone just wants you to do the best you can.

Apply To

Forward your CV by email – and include details of your current pocket money remuneration package. Quote `hardwork'.
Executive Search and Selection
56 Hope and Prayer Lane

Salary – To be negotiated

Generous Benefits Package – Including chauffeured car, Food on the table, Protection from siblings.

The package also includes holidays to foreign countries, personal servants to tidy your bedroom – and clean up after you.

You will be issued with a clothing allowance for school work, relaxation and special holiday gear.

Most important of all you will provide your parents with the material for a long drawn out dream. They will love you whatever the result.

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