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Saturday, March 31, 2007


I watched various classes of eleven plus children leaving their lessons today. Almost every child handed his or file to their mother or father. This was the clue to open the file and marvel at the work the children had been doing in the lesson.

Most of the children focused on what they had done well – the good marks for verbal or non verbal reasoning exercises. The mastery of a new topic in mathematics also called for an excited response.

It must be hard for a mum or a dad to remain cool when other parents are watching the interchange.

Five Things To Say When Looking At Your Child’s Work

1. Well done. I am so proud of what you have achieved.
2. You worked really hard today. Good on you!
3. I am pleased that you can now cancel fractions to lowest terms. You can show me how you did it.
4. Your work is so neat. Try to keep this up when we are working together at home.
5. Hurry up. We have to pick your sister up.

Five Things a Child can Say After a Lesson

1. Thank you for sending me to my lesson. I worked hard and enjoyed myself.
2. I am more confident of my reasoning now.
3. I never knew that percentages were so easy.
4. I’m hungry. Have you anything to eat?
5. Oh please mum, you promised.

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