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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Indulge your Dreams

When we are stressed excess adrenalin makes our blood thicken.

An excess of adrenalin can be very useful just before an examination – as it heightens awareness and gives that little spurt of nervous energy.

Blood that is too thick, as I understand it, can have a disastrous impact on health if the stress is prolonged.

What you need to do is to feed you, and your child, food that will help to prevent the blood becoming too thick and will thus allow the blood to flow freely.

Children sometimes may go through a phase of not wanting to eat vegetables or fruit. You will need to disguise your offering.

Mix a smoothie with celery, rocket, an apple and half an avocado. Juice it up. Pour it into a long thin glass. Do not accept an argument. Insist that the stress reliever is consumed.

Remind your child that exercise helps to relieve stress. Explain that activities like vacuuming and dusting count as exercise. Throw in bed making and tidying drawers.

Settle down to watch your child flying round the house. Think of other ingredients to add to your smoothie. Indulge yourself – it may be some time before your child believes what you say.

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