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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cleaning the Car.

Your ten year old may need, or want money, at some time in their lives. Naturally their attention will turn towards making money by washing the car. Poor car.

You will have advised them to remember to wipe the car down with a clean cloth.

You will have advised them on cleaning the windows making them look as clean as possible.

Equally you will have discussed with them how effectively the `Hand Car Wash’ specialist does the job.

So you make the point to them that while you are prepared to pay £19.50 for a mini vac from a professional – you will only pay in the ratio of 2:3. You suggest that if the sum can be worked out correctly you will allow the job. You also confirm that you will pay in cash. Furthermore you will state that all previous debts are wiped out.

The ratio of the wages is 2:3.

This means that your child will be paid two thirds of the money.

So two thirds of £19.50

= (2 times £19.50) divided by 3.

= £39.00 divided by 3

= £13.00.

So your child is going to be paid £13.00 to wash, clean and vacuum the family car!

I hope is going to be a good job!

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