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Friday, April 06, 2007

Books v Papers

What makes a day into a memorable `Two Ice cream Day’? We know that the sun was shining and the beach was crowded. Hundreds of people were enjoying the beach. I did not see one child hunched over a packet of eleven plus papers.

There were plenty of buckets and spades. Naturally some people were reading newspapers. I even saw one or two people lying on their stomachs reading paperbacks.

There was a grammar school within a few miles of the beach. In a large bookshop there were a few eleven plus books and papers. So how were the families going to prepare?

An early solution would be to find a foundation mathematics text book. The work on decimals and percentages would be laid out correctly. A Key Stage 3 book would also be useful. Naturally you would need to get a good Key Stage 2 book for revision.

Why would you want to but a key Stage 3 book or a Foundation mathematics book? Quite simply the examples are laid out in a clear and concise manner. There will be few pictures. You will not need to do all the chapters of the book.

Sometimes you will find that working through worked examples has to be better than struggling through a paper.

Anyway – if you get bored why not try a second icecream?

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