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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where do our teachers come from?

We were asked yesterday where we find our teachers – or more importantly where do out teachers find us. Now here is a little story – and it seems quite incredible.

The teacher in charge of one of our centres was recommended to us by a member of the senior management team of her school. He had had his son with us for help towards the eleven plus. Our teacher was then an A level student and he thought that she would enjoy working with us. Our teacher stayed with us for two years as an `A Level Assistant’ and continued teaching for us while she attended university and then went on to qualify as a teacher. She stayed with us as an NQT – and we are privileged to claim that she is still with us some years on. In fact very nearly ten years! We all know that she will be a headmistress one day.

Our highly efficient LSA has had two children who have worked for us. Her children attended eleven plus classes with us. One has gone on to university while the other is still at school. This is a real family concern.

Our most senior assistant did eleven plus classes with us and she returned to teach for us when she entered her A levels. She is still with us while she is at university – doing very well. We are very proud of her – and the children simply love her.

There are three other A level assistants – all of whom did eleven plus work with us – and then returned at the `A’ level stage. Two of them were helped towards the eleven plus by one of the teachers mentioned in this little tale.

The one A level person who did not do eleven plus with us has a sister who teaches for us. The sister in question also joined us as an A level student. She then trained as a teacher, and is still with us ten years on. She has the ability to give children confidence – a very rare skill.

So in this centre we have teachers with deep roots.

Our LSA trusted us with her children.

Our assistants did eleven plus work with us and are now sharing their skills and their enthusiasm.

We are very grateful to this team. This is very likely a unique situation in the whole history of education in the United Kingdom.

We are a family business. Yes we are a business teaching children – but no business can pay enough money to be able to buy loyalty on this scale. All we can say is a very humble; “Thank you very much.”

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