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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh dear! Poor mum!

“Well dear, we are not going out until 10.30 today. What about a few minutes of work on your verbal reasoning before we go?”

“Yes I know that you did some work yesterday. You do know that the examinations are later this year. Your teacher at school was very nice about you – but did advise you to do some regular work.”

“No, you do not have to do any maths today. What about some verbal reasoning? I am not doing anything for the next few minutes. We could look through a paper together and look for some questions you might like to tackle.”

“It is no good you choosing those kind of questions. You know that you know how to do them. Why don’t we look for some `hard’ questions? You know how you like a challenge.”

“I do know that it is Sunday morning. I also understand that your brother is just lying there watching T.V. He has already done all the hard work and he is at grammar school. You do want to go there don’t you?”

“No, you have to read all the way to the end of the question. By all means look for the key words in the question – but you do need the read the last few words.”

“You have just had a drink. The film your brother is watching is not too loud. We only have a few minutes left before I have to take the washing out, tidy the bedrooms, feed the cat, exercise the dog, find your dad’s new hat and make sure your brother does not wear that revolting hat. All you have to do is do a few questions.”

“Oh, all right then. We will do the work when we come back. But you will have been out in the sun all day and you might be tired. Are you sure that you will not argue about doing any work tonight?”

“Very well then. Just put the books away neatly, please”

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