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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Papers on Sunday Morning

The children on the courses have just an hour left to go before they go home. One of the mothers was sitting in reception waiting for her daughter. I asked her what she was going to be doing over the Easter weekend.

The mum replied: “As little as possible!”

She then mentioned that family and friends were expected for lunch on Sunday. The question of wine came up. Her eyes glazed over and she smiled.

My son and his wife Jackie have just returned from Tuscany where they took this picture of wine. I showed the picture to the mum. From the ensuing remarks it seems that in one household there will be no thoughts of eleven plus over the weekend. On Sunday morning the family will not be sitting with an eleven plus paper. Cooking, eating and drinking will be the order of the day. We wish them well!

We hope you all have a pleasant weekend.

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