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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weight and the Eleven Plus

A sweaty, vivacious woman came close to me yesterday. The conversation went like this:

“Can my daughter come at 9.30 instead of 10.00 for her eleven plus lesson?”

“Of course, Mrs. H., naturally there will be no problem.”

“You see my class starts at 9.30, and I am enjoying my work out.”

“Oh. Are you doing the step class?”

“No, it is far more than that. We do a lot of running around too. Do you know that I lost eight pounds in two months?”

“That is wonderful!”

“Yes, I used to go shopping while the lesson is going on. I used to walk across the road and spend money. Then one day I sat there drinking coffee while the class was going on – and I saw everyone having such a good time. I joined the class. It was fantastic. I have lost eight pounds.”

“Well done!”

“Look, I have a photograph. Just wait. It is on my phone. Look, that is what I looked like at Christmas. I am so pleased. I have dropped a dress size! The class lasts one and a half hours and that is why I want her to start at 9.30. I want to do the whole class. I think I can lose a lot more!”

“There will be no problem with the 9.30 start.”

“Oh, thank you. I never thought I would enjoy exercise. But this class is great. Every thing gets mixed up. I am sure I can lose more than eight pounds. Wait a bit. I have another photo. Hang on, please. Look, that is what I used to look like. Look how my face has changed.”

“Well your daughter did very well today. She did verbal reasoning and mathematics. Her tables are sound now.”

“Thank you. We need to go now. Thank you.”

Many years ago we, when we started working in Leisure Centres, we had the slogan: “Children Love Learning in Leisure Centres.”

We now need a really snappy slogan to beat: “Mothers lose weight while their children are learning in leisure centres.”

Please help.

Well done to the mum! Many would love to lose around four kilos in such a short time!

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