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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Epistemological Perspective of the Eleven Plus

(Heard in the playground.)

“We need to be able to take into account an epistemological perspective when we are looking at the eleven plus.”

“Do you mean epistemology as it applies to the nature of eleven plus knowledge, it foundations, scope and validity?”

“Naturally – because like some eleven plus parents I do not subscribe to the feeling that eleven plus knowledge is easily transferable.”

(A third mother then joins the discussion.) I think that eleven plus knowledge is acquired conceptually – and that a step by step approach wastes un-necessary time.

“Well that is so much hog-wash, if you pardon my expression, all you have to do to help a child with eleven plus work, is to find out where he is and know where he has to go.”

“You may be right, we can use eleven plus papers as diagnostic tools to work out what needs to be done.”

“Again you are only partially right. As parents all we can do is try to generate full eleven plus understanding. We can not only train specific eleven plus skills.”

“Well my child will never get there. I can’t even teach him the skill of picking up his clothes much less picking up a new idea. It is simply hopeless.”

“I have just been looking up `epistemological perspective’ but we are in a little hollow and the internet seems to be running slowly.”

“Try my phone.”

“Or mine.”

“I have good signal – but should we go down to the gym and continue the discussion over a cappuccino?”

“The gym has a set of computers. We can have one each. Tell you what; the person who can look up `epistemological perspective’ first can buy the coffee.”

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