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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Passing the Eleven Plus

This could be a cautionary tale or even an allegory. What ever it is it needs to be considered.

Once upon a time there was a boy called William. He entered reception with a good grasp of numbers. He could calculate and manipulate numbers arithmetically and could also sole some two step problems. His mother had been a teacher of mathematics and he had been encouraged to believe in himself. There was every reason to believe that he would have a reasonable school career and in time go on to do well in eleven plus examinations.

His father, who may have been a bit misguided – or even prone to over estimation, would mutter to anyone who would listen: “My boy is going to study maths at university.”

His parents were completely surprised when it was obvious that he did not like school. His first school report suggested weakness in number. There was also a comment that he would not co-operate in the Numeracy lessons.

Mum and dad were a little surprised. They then formed the opinion that their son was a little bored at school. He was expected to move at the same speed as the rest of the class.

Twist or stick.

Should he move or should he stay? Would a different teacher, or even a different school work?

Could they talk to the teacher?

Should they have a little word with the head?

Did it really matter; after all he had many more years left at school?

Will he pass the eleven plus?

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