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Friday, April 24, 2015

Wise Parents

State funded schools from 2014 have to offer a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based.  Schools also have the responsibility of trying to help society in general as well as children at school.

Changes have been made to the content of the National Curriculum. In early May of this year (2015) children in Year 2 and Year 6 will be writing SATs tests for the last time. Working as we do in schools we have seen first- hand the tremendous effort that teachers put into helping and encouraging their children to do as well as possible. The very able children in Year 6 seem to enjoy tacking Level 6 questions. These questions are not easy!

Our Step Test questions have replaced the traditional Level tests. In most cases we have found that Step Tests allow for a more defined approach to teaching and learning. The Step Tests can be used for diagnostic as well as attainment testing.

Step 10
I can estimate any angle, giving my answer in degrees
I can identify 3d shapes from 2d representations
I can identify angles at a point on a straight line and find the missing angle

In time to come what-ever changes are made to the curriculum we can draw strength from a statement by Tawney: “What a wise parent would wish for their child so the State must wish for all the children.”

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