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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Eleven Plus Help Needed

There is a saying that no-one should ask a question if they do not know the answer. The reason is that you may not like what you hear!

Horace Smith wrote an Elegy to Miss Emily Kay who was a cousin of Miss Ellen Gee of Kew – who died in Ewell but was buried in Essex.

Please ask your eleven plus child to crack this code – because I can only guess at some of the content:

Sad nymphs of UL, U have much to cry for,
Sweet MLEKU never more shall c!
OSX Maids! Come hither and D, O,
With tearful I, this MTLEG.

I found this verse a little easier:

With her Piano-40 she did press
Such heavenly sounds did MN8, that she
Knowing her Q, soon iU2 confess
Her XLNC in an XTC.

My guess was pianoforte, minuet, and excellence in ecstasy.

The last verse is very sad, I think ….

Sweet MLEK in SX they bore,
Taking good care the monument 2YIO,
And as her tomb was much 2 low B4,
They lately brought fresh bricks the walls to 10 (heighten).

Please send any solutions your child may come up with. In my work I often meet children who are much brighter than I am!

Thank You

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