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Monday, April 27, 2009

Eleven Plus Profile

Eleven Plus children do not follow identical paths towards the eleven plus. The children will be offered a wide range of inputs from their parents, different schooling and will work through a variety of eleven plus papers. How then do the children land up with the same eleven plus scores?

To come towards an answer we can look at a rather generalised picture of an eleven plus child.

It is possible that the child is aware that university is an option. The parents will have done their job and commented on future prospects.

It is likely that he or she will read widely from a wide range of books, magazines and periodicals.

Some eleven plus candidates will have had hobbies and interests that could be categorised as academic in nature.

He or she may be eager to express an opinion on everything under the sun. Some of the conclusions may actually be telling and worth listening to.

Very often, but not always, the eleven plus child will be good at sports – and be able to participate in a wide range of activities from athletics and swimming to the more individual sports of golf or trampoline.

His or her parents will come from many different economic levels. The one common element will be the interest they will take in the education of their child.

Not all children will show all these attributes. It must help if the children embrace at least a few!

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