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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quality Eleven Plus Work

Many children will be returning to school after the end of the spring term. The children are now starting the summer term. For a number of eleven plus children the next few months will prove difficult to cope with.

Some parents are going to have to be very careful that they do not over stress their children. Other parents will try to continue to maintain a steady balance between work, school and play.

These few months are really a golden opportunity for parents to work with their children. Now that the Key Stage 3 SATS have disappeared the next `big’ examination (after the KS2 SATS) will be the GCSEs. Some parents may find that they prefer to work with a ten to eleven year old rather than when their child is sixteen.

.Try to work on what is called `time wasting indecision’. Plan out what and when your child will work. (No T.V., for example, until after homework and eleven plus work.)

Try to help you child to understand the value of work on homework or an assignment as soon as possible – rather that leaving everything until the last minute.

Build eleven plus work up to be `quality time’ and not a drag or a bore.

A hard lesson for some eleven plus children is to understand the need to work on unpopular exercises – not just the bits that are enjoyable.

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