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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eleven Plus Promise

Your eldest is approaching the eleven plus. Your youngest is only five. Your eleven plus child has had one or two little problems – nothing really serious. You want the path of your five year old to be a little easier.

Boy Age 5 years and 5 months

General Maturity – Advanced for a boy. He is still prone to being a bit too boyish at times.

Developmental Outlook – He walked and talked early. He did not really crawl – but just stood and held onto anything and everything. He learnt to ride his bike quickly. Used to love Thomas the Tank Engine – but now loves T.V.

Motor Co-ordination – Holds a pencil correctly (at times this slips). Runs beautifully – and looks athletic in his movements.

Language – Talks and talks about everything. Uses some quite complex sentences. Has a retentive memory. (He will remember the time you denied him that special present until the day he dies.)

Sociability – Communicates well with children of all ages. Rather aggressive at times – but is prepared to listen.

Eleven Plus Capability – Looks good. No one can promise anything but it looks good at this stage.

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