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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Eleven Plus Rewards

What is more likely to bring success at the eleven plus stage? The promise of one big reward or the offer of lots of little rewards? Of course the word reward will mean different things to a wide range of eleven plus parents.

To some children the word reward must be measurable – some kind of fact or event. A hard working child can be identified quite easily. A child who is labelled as lazy may simply have had a routine disturbed or there could be a problem at school or in the home. It is more difficult to arrive at a definition of some sets of eleven plus experience than others.

It is probably true to say, however, that a child who tries hard and is willing to repeat a difficult or demanding exercise is unlikely to be labelled as lazy,

We tend to repeat key topics when preparing children for the eleven plus. The idea is that habit and repetition will drive a topic home – and anchor it so that the child is able to recall and then reproduce confident work in the examination.

The simple rewards of praise and encouragement should be enough of a prize for most eleven plus children.

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