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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Eleven Plus Ambition

You may care to ask your child why he or she really wants to become a doctor. After all most parents would swell with pride if their child stated that becoming a doctor was the most important reason why he or she wanted to go to a grammar school. It may be possible that parents will have more influence on their child’s career choice than the teachers at primary school.

The first reason that a child may offer in support of the `I want to be a doctor’ statement may be `for the money’.

A child may come into contact with someone in the family who is associated with medicine. “My mum is a doctor, so is my dad.”

An interest in science may trigger a desire to study medicine.

In some cases it may be the pressure of ambitions parents who will want their child to join a most prestigious profession.

There will have been characters in history like Florence Nightingale and Marie Curie who could possible have stimulated an interest in medicine.

It could be that the school a child attends plays a part in the choice of a career when senior school is reached.

One thing, at the eleven plus stage that is very clear, is that it is the high achievers who will have most chance of becoming doctors.

Noses to the grindstone please.

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