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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eleven Plus Changes

What would be needed to be set in motion in order to change the shape and format of the present eleven plus examinations?

First of all there would need to be a collective sense of purpose.

Parents, teachers and administrators would need to feel that they were being innovative – and consulted.

Not all authorities would agree on the mechanism of change because there are so many different interpretations of what the words `Eleven Plus Examinations’ mean.

People, who are able, qualified and willing to participate in determining change, would need to be established and engaged.

The change would need to appreciate the present position – and be able to look ahead to the future. (Some eleven plus questions have been retained a remarkably similar state for around fifty years.)

There would be a strong case for research and experience to add to the potential recipe. (Perhaps a university?)

Schools would need to be involved – at the primary and grammar school levels. There would also be educationists within the comprehensive system who could, if they chose, help to determine the future success of changes to the examination.

One question could be:

‘Does the structure and the validity of the eleven plus examinations need to change – if so what changes are needed?’

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