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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eleven Plus Excuses

“I know what you mean but my teacher does not do it that way.”

“It is not my fault that I got it wrong.”
(Oh yes it was. You did not read the question.)

“My tutor says that my maths is getting better.”
(Of course, because dad explained how to do proportion last night.)

“I am so hungry. Can I have a break?”
(You have only been working for three minutes. Before that you had a sandwich and a drink.)

“Can Jane come and do some eleven plus work with me?”
(The new DVD is fab. She would love to see it because her DVD is broken at home.)

“I have finished as far as I want to go on the paper.”
(You have done three questions. You can not play with your IPOD.)

“I have finished the paper.”
(You have done three more questions. There are still twenty seven to go.)

“I really like maths.”
(You were in tears over maths last night.)

“Would you like some tea? I am making some.”
(I see. You want to stop work now.)

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