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Friday, April 09, 2010

The Eleven Plus and Personality

Suppose the eleven plus examination was broadened to include personality testing. This would enable the grammar schools to select children with the right personality. Exactly what is the right personality for an eleven plus child is a matter for a wider discussion. A happy, cheerful eleven plus child may land up a happy, cheerful sixth former – but few would bet big sums of money on it.

Words like culture and adjustment may need to be taken into account.

Would there be a great discrepancy between the observed personalities of bright eleven plus children? Would high achievers be able to demonstrate a measurable personality at the age of ten?

The makeup of the Eleven Plus Personality Test ( EPPT) could be argued over infinitum.

Would the test be paper and pencil, delivered over the internet, a group session or conducted on a one to one basis?

Would the cues be delivered mainly through conventional words and pictures or through Twitter like utterances or even fast action videos?

Would the questions need to be phrased differently for boys and girls?

Can there be a category for fantasies? Will one be needed? Should ten year old children be fanciful?

Should the test attempt to measure anxiety, confidence, optimism,, bravery and cowardice?

Does the personality test need to look at the ability to solve problems?

Should parents be told what is in the test?

Does culture need to be taken into account?

Should eleven plus pre personality books and exercises be allowed?

Should the scores of the EPPT be added to the other eleven plus results?

Should the test rely on the Sentence Completion technique?

“If I was in charge of the eleven plus . . . . . . .”

“When they asked me to be in charge of the eleven plus . . . . . .”

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