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Monday, April 26, 2010

An Eleven Plus Breakthrough

Parents of eleven plus children are both eager and willing to have their children tested. This makes them into a select and rare breed of humanity. After all the idea of a child being tested in order to gain entry into a selective school will surely be regarded, in time, as being archaic, dated, unnecessary and outmoded. (Unless you are the parents of a bright child and there is a local grammar school in your area.)

The assessment of past attainment – and that of future potential are essential ingredients in eleven plus testing. Assessment is essential in order to maintain a form of selection for secondary school. The eleven plus examination is deeply ingrained in some areas. Parents of eleven plus children cannot avoid subjecting their child to an assessment of some form or another. All parents can hope for is that the better the preparation the less painful the examination.

The eleven plus examination still does not command wide agreement. Sometimes the examination is castigated for social reasons. Many of us will have heard stories of very bright children being rejected by a grammar school – adding to concerns about the efficacy and the efficiency of the eleven plus examination.

One day there may be a breakthrough and the present form of the eleven plus may be frowned upon. Assessment began with children being tested on a one to one basis, then came the group tests like the eleven plus. Who knows what lies ahead!

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