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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eleven Plus Stages

The Eleven Plus, once again, is growing closer. The tests have to cover a wider sweep – and can not focus sensibly on narrow areas. Back in 1956 Bloom, and some of his associates, worked out a taxonomy of educational objectives. Parents working through papers and exercises with their children will more than likely recognise at least some of these stages.

Knowledge – this is where you child can remember facts, methods of solving problems – and hopefully any advice you have offered.

Comprehension – this is the stage where your child understands what has been taught – and can understand the questions.

Application – your child begins to apply everything that has been taught

Analysis – where questions are broken down and analysed with good understanding and thought. (Wild guesses? What wild guesses?)

Synthesis – the stage where you hope everything jells together. All that work, all the heartache, all the effort and everything `comes right on the day’.

The final stage is evaluation. Your child is able to judge an answer. Your child is demonstrating good reasoning skills. Your child is a true eleven plus prodigy.

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