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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Eleven Plus and Lovely Cars

It is not easy for some parents to decide where preparation for the eleven plus starts and careers education finishes.

“Auntie Jean, my sister, went to grammar school and then onto university. She then got a job in accounts in a large industrial company that specialised in supplying car parts all over the world. She thought about moving on and then she was offered the job as Human Resource Manger – with a Directorship.

She went on a series of courses and learnt about Psychometric Testing. Because she had been an accountant before this job, she loved the idea of testing to see where she could encourage her staff to find out what they were capable of and try to widen their horizons.”

“I know what a director is, because Auntie Jean drives flashy car, but I am not so sure of Psychometric Testing.”

“We will wait for Sunday lunch and then ask her. In the mean time let us get on.”

“Auntie Jean, what is psychometric testing?”

“It is used to try to find out what areas of work might interest you and what your skills and talents are. You like football, surfing, reading and your Sony Play station. You like work and school. There are some tests that you will not find in the eleven plus.

Verbal reasoning is a familiar topic because this looks as how you understand problems and concepts expressed in word.

Abstract reasoning is how well you grasp problems not related to actual problems.

Numerical Reasoning – how well you handle numbers

Three dimensional perception – what you visualise what an object looks like

Attention to detail – how you spot small errors and mistakes

Mechanical skills – how you understand how simple mechanical devices work

Manual skills – how well you can manipulate tools and equipment

Design aptitude – how good you are a planning a layout

These tests would give your grammar school a much better picture of who you are.”

“But Auntie Jean, we just do verbal reasoning and mathematics!”

“The questions you meet may well cover many of the different things we have talked about. Keep working hard. Follow the example of your mother and father. One day come and see me and we will see if I can organise some work experience for you.”

“Thank you. Now can I go and sit in your car?”

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