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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eleven Plus By Laws

In September 1982 a new bylaw was passed by local authorities in an Oregon town. It decreed that at least one joke had to be told at every meeting of the town council!

What scenes of relentless tedium must have prompted this desperate act of legislation? Some of the authorities must have been human – and let their fancies free.

It would, however, strain the imagination of most of us if we had to offer a joke every time the words `eleven plus’ were mentioned.

Knock Knock

Who is there?


Eleven who?

Eleven plus!

Knock Knock

Who is there?


Verbal who?

Verbal Reasoning!

Eleven Plus By Law 1
Humour is often used to diffuse situations As parents will know, and will have used the tactic successfully, it can sometimes even be used to divert attention or the beginnings of an argument.

Eleven Plus By Law 2
We do know, however, that behaviour that rewarded (from the learner’s point of view) is more likely to recur.

Eleven Plus By Law 3
We also know that sheer repetition without any reward is a poor way to learn.

Eleven Plus By Law 4
We know too punishment is not the opposite of reward. If, for example, we take away an eleven plus child’s paper as a punishment - we may in fact be rewarding the child!

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