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Monday, April 25, 2011

Eleven Plus Years

I can remember when my young master had time for me. He took me for walks where I could see my friends. My favourite spot was down by the river. We used to run along the footpath and play. He used to throw sticks into the water for me to chase. I would climb out dripping and shake my coat over him. We don’t have time for walks any more because he always has a frown these days.

My food has also changed. My master’s mother talks about special food. I can’t tell the difference between ordinary food and this new kind. I believe they get it from a farm down in Devon. One day, while I was half sleeping, they started talking about crop circles in Devon. Every one knows that a dog loves to run around in circles chasing its tail. I don’t know why they made such a thing of it. Any way I can’t remember the name of the special food but it is more expensive. My master’s mother thinks that he will study better if he eats the right type of food.

One of the biggest changes in my life is my master’s bedroom. There always used to be toys on the floor for me to play with. Now the room is neat and tidy with a new desk and a new bookcase. The book case is funny too it seems to be full of papers. There are piles of work that has been done and work that still has to be done. The worst thing about the tidy room is the star chart. Now who ever heard of a ten year old with a star chart? Are they trying to motivate him? Why can’t he work because he wants to work? Why does he need to be treated differently?

I used to like watching programmes like Top Gear. This is now out of the window. Top Gear is too late at night for a boy who is studying for important examinations. This is ridiculous. I love seeing the cars driven so fast – and the noise makes me quiver. I do doze off sometimes when Jeremy is speaking, I don’t mind the other two but the big one does talk a lot.

I always feel excluded when my master’s mother and father sit down with my master for a `serious’ talk. The whole house has to be quiet. The T.V. is switched off. My master’s sister is asked to be quiet on the telephone. My master sometimes has tears in his eyes – but then so does his mother. My master’s father has all those charts and scores and he keeps saying: “You have to reach 82%.” Sometimes the family have a joint hug after one of those talks. At other times my master comes to me, pulls my ears and says that I am his only friend.

I do care if he does pass – but I care more about chasing the next door’s cat. That cat will never pass our front door again even though it is eleven plus years old.

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