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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Eleven Plus and The Wedding

Some eleven plus mothers must sometimes look at their children and wonder if it is all worth it. They may well remember the heady days when thoughts of marriage and lasting relationships were `significant’ in their lives. There may even have been some bridal superstitions lingering in the mind.

To wear anything green is unlucky.

To change your name and not the letter of the name is a change for the worst.

Do not use pins in wedding garments.

Three times a bridesmaid and never a bride.

A bride should shed tears, if only a few.

When working on some verbal reasoning questions, for example, with their children some mums may wish they had been offered a further piece of advice.

Carry a book to the ceremony to ensure that any offspring become voracious readers.

Eleven plus children need words.

Suppose you are offered an eleven plus exercise:

Find the word that does not fit into this group.

Add Subtract Percentage Multiply Divide.

This is easy – because it is a word that does not indicate an arithmetic operation.

Now – the eleven plus questions become more difficult.

Find the word that does not fit into this group.

Add Subtract Increase Multiply Divide.

These words all suggest some degree of size and magnitude – but increase is not an arithmetic operation. There is, however, a further twist for the really bright eleven plus child. The word `Subtract’ is to do with numbers decreasing in size – so perhaps the correct answer is Subtract.

“The answer book is wrong. It can not be right. We all got the same answer.”

Suppose, however, that the words are:

Harshness, roughness, harassment, persecution and ordeal.

Every eleven plus mum and dad will immediately see that the odd word out is ordeal – and will be able to explain to their child why.

By the way – here is one more example to find the odd one out.

Green name wedding pins tears

The odd one out is wedding because all the rest are to do with wedding superstition.

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