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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eleven Plus Determination

Reading and understanding eleven plus questions is a matter of intelligence, ability, perseverance, hard work, resistance to temptation, listening to mother, taking heed of father and the ability to interpret what is being asked. It is possible to `teach’ and `learn’ how to cope with some eleven plus questions. Other questions will require determination to succeed.

This is a little song to sing at a party with your friends.

Vanaand gaan die volkies koring sny, koring sny!

Vanaand gaan die volkies koring sny, koring sny!

My geliefde hang aan die bos.

My geliefde hang aan die bos.

My geliefde hang aan die bitter bessie bos.

With a little help with some vocabulary then the translation should be possible.

Vanaand – this evening or today

Volkies – the people

Koring – corn

Geliefde – loved one

Bos – bush

We can see that the song is about cutting corn – with the additional temptation of the `loved’ one.

Your bright eleven plus child, with this information, should be able to work out what the song is about. Think of the eleven plus question:

“What does the word `sny’ mean?

This answer is not in the vocabulary list – but lies in the words `cutting corn’. The comprehension element is, therefore, reasonably straight forward.

What would happen, however, if the question was even more disguised?

Two examples of four digit palindromic numbers are 1551 and 7447. Both of these numbers are divisible by 11. Give a different number that is palindromic – and divisible by 11.

Your eleven plus child will immediately see that 110 is divisible by 11.

1001 is a numerical palindrome.

The next number that may come to mind is


Answering questions of this nature can not be easily taught – but may play a part in trying to help the bright and slightly bored eleven plus child enjoy the challenge of tackling unfamiliar questions. Can a question like this be answered in 45 seconds? Probably – with some determination!

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