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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eleven Plus Study Habits

The eleven plus experience offers parents a unique opportunity to imbue sound study habits and techniques. Your ten year old is still young and impressionable – and may offer token resistance to studying – but as a parent you know that you will more than likely win the battle!

Sadly, however, some parents and their children find it difficult to slip into a study routine. The eleven plus, with the first born, is likely to be a new experience. This could lead to unfamiliar ground. When something new comes along most of us are possibly a little tentative or experimental. It takes us a little time to become organised. Organising a recalcitrant ten year old boy may, sometimes, take a little ingenuity. Hoping that an unorganised child will become organised through working through sets of papers does seem to be a little far fetched.

Can you emphasise with a rather hopeful eleven plus dream? That your ten year old will suddenly and automatically want to study without making a song and dance?

Of course there will never be a uniform approach to the eleven plus by parents and by their candidates. Children will have become accustomed to a certain rhythm of life through repetition and almost automatic responses. Developing a sound study habit may take considerable effort on the part of some children – while others will relish the idea of pitting their wits against an examiner.

Can the eleven plus offer the ability to develop the habit of studying through the introduction of the establishment of new and effective habits? Some of the acquisition of a new habit will be achieved through trial and error. At a base level a child may argue against having to give up football practice in order to do extra eleven plus work. A higher level could lead to a child asking for more demanding and less practical eleven plus work.

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