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Friday, December 02, 2011

Eleven Plus Anticipation

Do you remember the play by A.A. Milne called The Princess and the Woodcutter? My version comes from the 1922 `Eight Modern Plays, (Nelson) and snippet is drawn from the 1934 reprint.

Woodcutter [taking off his hat]. Pardon, your Majesty. I am a woodcutter, who lives alone here, far from the courts.

Queen. Well, you’ve got more sense in your head than any of the princes I’ve seen lately. You’d better come to court.

Princess [shyly]. You will be very welcome, sir.

King. Isn’t that going a little too far, dear?

Queen. Well you wanted kindness of heart.

King. Well if you insist. The great thing is that our darling child should be happy.

Princess. I will do my best, father.

King. Then the marriage will take place this evening. [With a wave of his wand.] Let the revels begin.

Can you anticipate the conversation in your house when the eleven plus results come in?

[The Telephone rings]

Mum. Hello. This is our household. Have you any news for us?

Voice on Phone. I have some news. Do you want the good news first or the bad news?

Candidate. Please, please let me know.

Voice on Phone. No problem. I will read the results to you.

Dad [Hurridly]. Please speak up.

Voice on Phone. You have passed. You have a place in the grammar school of your choice. Well done.

Candidate [Almost in tears]. Wow! Great news. Thank you.

Mum and Dad {Speaking together]. The party starts now. Let the revels begin.

If you don’t practice the good news with your child before the results come out, your child may not be sure what to say. Practice makes perfect! Think of all the rehearsals the king had to face before he allowed a woodcutter to marry his princess of a daughter!

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