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Friday, December 09, 2011

The Endless Eleven Plus Loop

At one time or another some eleven plus parents may want to expose their children to elements of programmed learning. Sometimes some parents may feel that they are in a loop.

Paragraph 1

In this program eleven plus parents will learn the main features of eleven plus programmed learning and how objectives are developed. Teaching points are developed through linear frames – and comprehension is tested.

For information about programmed learning turn to Paragraph 5

For information about eleven plus objectives see Paragraph 3

Paragraph 2

Programmed instruction attempts to put learning onto an individual basis. When the step size between frames is large, it is possible to have branching frames.

Parents can help their children by buying a wide range of books turn to Paragraph 4

If more testing is felt to be necessary then go to Paragraph 6

Paragraph 3

Eleven plus objectives revolve around helping your child to earn a place in a grammar school. A programmer prepares a list of objectives to be covered. Further information for parents can be found in - see Paragraph 5

Paragraph 4

Eleven Plus books can be bought over the internet, in book shops and from tutors. Sometimes eleven plus children may need to work through a series of preliminary programs.

The is more information about which books to buy from other parents – Paragraph 2

Books and papers are cheaper over the internet – Paragraph 2

Paragraph 5

Grammar schools help children to obtain good GCSE and A’ Level results. The programmed learning has to anticipate who the program is aimed at.

To see who would benefit see – Paragraph 3

There may be a grammar school near you – Paragraph 5

Paragraph 6

Eleven Plus children can be tested over the internet or by working through pen and paper tests. The material in the tests has to be relevant.

Eleven plus tests help to pin point areas to work on – Paragraph 4

For further information on the eleven plus and how it can be taught, go to – Paragraph 1.

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