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Friday, December 16, 2011

An Eleven Plus Incentive

Your eleven plus child may, at times, feel a little concerned about the amount and extent of the work involved in preparing for the examinations. Various thoughts may, at times, drift across the conscious and the subconscious of the true eleven plus candidate.

I don’t think we have factored enough leisure times into my eleven plus study program. It seems to be all work and more work.

My time seems to be too interrupted by various `incidents’ for me to be able to settle down to work. My cat `wants’ to go outside, my dog `needs’ a walk, a program on television `has’ to be watched.

I have to work through too many different papers. I never seem to be able to settle down and specialise on just one thing until I have mastered it.

Some of the exercises are downright menial. Some questions, for example, are just plain stupid. I mean, once I have mastered a topic, why do I have to keep repeating the exercise?

I never seem to be able to do anything creative or constructive. It is all the same; a maths paper, a verbal paper, a non-verbal paper. Paper after paper! I ask you!

I never seem to be able to discuss my eleven plus work with any of my friends – or anyone one else who is doing the eleven plus.

I don’t really feel mentally alert all of the time. Some days I just do not feel like working. But I have to!

I do not really feel appreciated by the rest of the family. I know they have to be quiet while I am working – but they never say anything nice or ask if they can help.

I have told my mum and dad many times that there does not seem to be any opportunity to use the stuff I learn towards the eleven plus.

Sometimes I feel disillusioned about all the preparation. I know that I have been told one hundred times that the work is for my own good – but please!

Finally, I seriously think that I need a real or major incentive otherwise ……

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