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Monday, May 21, 2007

Early Selection

What would happen if top football managers were not allowed to purchase players capable of winning championships? I read some where that 500 million people would have watched the recent game between Chelsea and Manchester United in the New Wembley Stadium.

We all know that one side had some star players missing – but still went on to clinch the championship. Both sides had strength in depth.

Suppose that all the mangers had to pick players who had not passed through a selection process. In football players are identified early and given every opportunity to develop and expand their skills. They are given special diets and the best possible training. The very young gifted players are not allowed to play football matches all the time – they are nurtured and cosseted. Some young players are drafted into top squads at an early age. Very few players seem to make it to the very top of playing in a championship team if they have had to work their way through various teams at all the different levels of football.

So how does a top manager select his players he wants in his squads? Information is passed to him about emerging players all over the world. Sometimes he will want to buy an established international star to add a new dimension to his existing squad. At other times the talent scouts recommend a youngster to add value to the team.

A number of children who are trying to reach the grammar schools will have been identified well before time. To add to the grammar school selection process we are just lacking the system of talent scouts. A talented footballer would be seen by a talent scout in some form of a local game. To help the eleven plus selection process the talent scouts would need to able to go into a school and pick out the children they feel are worthy of a place in a grammar school.

Imagine how the children would feel if the word went round the classroom: “The scouts are here!” Think how hard teachers would try to present the sort of lesson that would allow the talents of their bright children to shine through. The School Governors would be anxiously waiting by the school gate for little hints of reflected glory.

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