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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Keeping Fit

We all know that we have to keep our children healthy while they are involved in preparations for the eleven plus. We know the children need to have regular exercise. Good bracing walks, running on the sand at the sea side and long swims should all be part of sound eleven plus preparation.

Naturally no parent with a child preparing for the eleven plus race would want to take their child every where by car. “Yes dear, it is only two miles to your ballet lesson. Keep warm and keep pointing those toes.”

Parents have become involved in a frantic `physical activity gravy train’ because a rumour sweeping web sites, tutors and playgrounds. There is to be an additional eleven plus test this year called the “Eleven Plus Test of Athletic Ability”.

The Eleven Plus Test of Athletic Ability is made up of five sub tests.

The first sub test consists of walking backwards, in the darkness, up the stairs of the local cinema. The child will need to balance a large packet of popcorn, two drinks and some yummy chocolates. Your child will get extra points for pushing a sibling without spilling a drink.

The next test is one of timing and precision. The tools are a large bag pipe and a very small caber. Your child will need to walk round the school field dragging the caber while playing the bag pipes. To prepare for this you will need your child to build a large lung capacity.

The third test is very different. Every eleven plus child will need to attend the National Canoe Centre for a half day. There your child will be taught to barrel roll as well as learn to paddle up stream.

The fourth test in the Eleven Plus Test of Athletic Ability is made up of tiddlywinks. This test in included to help promote eye – hand co-ordination. Children who are able to attain 87% are awarded the title: “Speedy Flippers”.

The final sub test is one that most children may need to practice daily. In this test children are issued with ipods and headphones. They score one point for every time their name is called and they do not respond.

To assemble the scores and work out grading marks there is a rather complicated system we do not need to go into. We have, however, heard of some tutors who offer special one to one sessions with parents where they provide counselling as well as individualised tuition.

We understand there is a web site where parents can purchase the entire eleven plus pack. The pack has books, papers, pop corn packets, drinks, chocolates, tiddlywinks, cabers and ipods. Counselling for parents is an optional extra. If any one would like the web site address please do not hesitate to call us. If we published the web site we would take so many hits that our site would probably crash. We have, however, taken on additional receptionists to assist Gerry, Tracy, Becky and Leah. (By the way Pinar also helps out at times.)

Good luck – and we hope you enjoy working out with your child.

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