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Monday, May 07, 2007

Luck and The Eleven Plus

We all think that we need an element of luck when we are involved with tests and examinations. It is not enough to be well prepared and ready for the examination we need that `something extra’.

We have watched world champions indulge in small but significant rituals. We know of footballers who only put their shirts on as they leave the dressing room. We have seen ranking tennis players bounce the ball in certain rhythmic patterns. We have seen mothers holding their hands together in attitudes of prayer as they watch their child walk into school on examination day.

How do you build luck? We know it was Arnold Palmer, the American Golfer, who said: “The funny thing is, the more I practice the luckier I get.” We presume that the same must be true for the eleven plus examinations. But as parents you can supply one final lucky charm. You can help your child make a customised pencil case.

It is easy.

You need two 23cm by 15 cm pieces of fabric. A 20 cm zip. Matching thread.

* Press a 1.5 cm hem on one long side of each piece of fabric.

* Pin the fabric to the zip.

* Tack the fabric to the zip.

* Stitch along the tacking line.

* Embroider your good luck message.

* Open the zip, place the case together and machine the sides.

Supply six freshly sharpened pencils and two soft rubbers.

On the day of the examination make sure your child has the magic pencil case. Give your child an extra hug.

Whisper, “Good Luck.”

Place your hands together and offer a little prayer. It could work!

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