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Friday, May 18, 2007

Improving Lessons

We became involved in Investors in People some five years ago. The whole ethos of Investors in People is encouraging staff to feel they have ownership and that they are empowered to make a valuable contribution.

We felt horror at the idea of an outside team coming into inspect our teachers. We wanted our teachers to feel that they were valued professionals and knew how to do their jobs.

We did need to try to make sure that the whole team tried to put the needs of the children attending the lessons first of all. Our program called ACTION produces the lesson plans and gives direction. The teacher is there to teach. Our teachers do not have to be involved preparation of lessons Our teachers are encouraged to offer comprehensive marking while the lesson is taking place. There is certainly no need for the teachers to be involved in follow up administration.

The role of Investors in People in Etc is to try to help the teachers and the assistants to understand that there is a strong business element to the lessons. If the children are property taught and are given good lessons the children will continue to attend lessons.

Parents are not going to want their children to have lessons if their children are not happy and are not learning. Parents are certainly not going to pay good money for a substandard service. To achieve this we use self assessment.

We are currently working on trying to develop a system where our parents can assess each lesson too. We want our parents to be able to say if they feel they have had value for money. We want them to be able to comment on marking and the amount of work done. Most important of all we want to be told if their children are happy with the lessons. If the lesson went wrong – where can we change or improve.

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