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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eleven Plus Discussions

When parents start off on the eleven plus drive they will help their children in many different ways. Sometimes an eleven plus discussion can take place with loving support but at other times parents could be talking through clenched teeth. Any true eleven plus child will, of course, take any parental mood swings in their stride. “Mum, why are you red in the face? I only said that I wanted to do the lesson later. I was being perfectly reasonable.”

Parents will then try to communicate:

Step 1A I will tell him what to do. He will do when I want him to do it. There is no room for error. I passed. His father passed and he will pass if I can do anything about it.”

Step 1B Poor child. He is doing the best he can. He has had a hard day at school and deserves a little T.V. time before he starts work. Poor thing.

Step 2A I think you should do long multiplication my way. I do not really mind what you have been taught at school. My way has served me well for many years.

Step 2B All right. Let us look at these two methods of doing long multiplication together. I believe that if we ask Dad when he comes in he will have a different method yet again?

Step 3A Today we are going to do Questions 34 to 56 of paper 7. No argument. This is what you agreed. We have a plan and we must stick to it. I don’t care if you say you will do double next week. Today is when it counts. Just do your work!

Step 3B This is an open ended discussion - so can be left to the discretion of any readers.

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