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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eleven Plus Non Verbal Reasoning

Long ago, well before the eleven plus men and women were struggling to make sense of odd shapes draped across the page forward thinking was happening in education. This was before graphic artists were employed to conjure up series of shapes and well meaning eleven plus publishers and authors wrote the immortal words:

“Find the missing shape.”

We need to go back to Stratton and Young. Stratton equipped himself with eyeglasses which inverted images. Parents will be able to go back to their school days to remember that in the eye the images are normally inverted. So Stratton looked at the world with shapes that were the right way up.

At first he found everything was upside down but after a time things righted themselves. When he took the glasses off again he found that the world was upside down – but then soon adjusted.

Even the most adjusted and intelligent parents, with the best possible home life, and with their children attending wonderful schools, may, occasionally, feel a little frustrated. “We have to do something about this. No dear, do not pick a fight with me. We can solve this together.”

Your child may sometimes show highly variable behaviour. Sometimes there may even be some aggression, or an attack or even withdrawal. Throughout all this parents will attempt to stay calm and in control.

A very small percentage of eleven plus parents may become fixated in their behaviour. Some children may not really hear the familiar words: “Enough, we are not going through this again. You have your work to do. You know you have to do it. Just get on and do it. I do not want any further discussion.”

We have all seen tear jerking films about rough schools being turned around by charismatic teachers. We know stories of `bad’ boys and girls going on the straight and narrow after they have had their inner needs satisfied. We have also thrilled vicariously with Bonnie and Clyde as they rode off into the sunset. We just have to dig deep and hope that a similar catharsis happens in our lives.

One day it can happen. One day it will happen. Lightening and self realisation will strike.

Your eleven plus child will turn to you and say:

”I don’t want to be lazy any more. I want to work hard. I do not want to argue with you over work. I love you. I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused you. Can I go and work now?”

Your eye balls will roll. Your world will turn upside down. You may then be able to do some of the strange non verbal reasoning questions.

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