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Friday, November 27, 2009

Eleven Plus Stress

Parents who are not involved in the hurly burly of the eleven plus must wonder why some parents occasionally become a little stressed about aspects of the examination. Of course some parents will take in all in their stride and avow: “I don’t care if he passes or fails. We will have done the best we can.”

Child: Strengths, Weaknesses and ground that HAS to be covered.

Parents: Mental stability, and a willingness not to listen to all playground scuttlebutt.

Child: Healthy mind, sound approach to the pre-examination process.

Parent: A desire to listen to the body. (Some may need to take care with eleven plus alcohol intake.)

Vocational Training
Child: “It is hard to accept that mum and dad can be teachers as well as parents.”

Parent: “I never knew that having a child would be like this.”

Child: “I don’t mind being driven to the lesson – but why do they go on and on about it?”

Parent: “I spend my life in the car. I love my child – but why does he or she have to be taken everywhere?

Child: “I like having my own private spot where I can work on my own.”

Parent: “I just wish, that for once, he (or she) would pick up and put away.”

Child: “I am more confident.”

Parent “Does it really take all this work to build a bit of confidence?”

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