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Monday, November 02, 2009

Eleven Plus Success

The great circus families can give us strong clues towards success at the Eleven Plus level. A young child, brought up in a circus family, will have the nerve to be able to walk out in front of a large audience and sing and dance.

These children often show extraordinary talent at a very young age. The parents were circus people before them, and their parents before.

Does this then mean that the genes for performance skills are passed from generation to generation? It may mean that the family tradition, the desires and feelings of the parents and the smell of grease paint are strong enough to lure a child towards greatness.

The family connections seem to suggest key factors that are important:

Early training

Expert teaching

The promise of a wonderful job

A strong family unit.

If father and mother are tightrope walkers then it is possible that they may care to encourage their children to walk along a rope at a very early age.

For the rest of us, who do not have access to the circus stage, we may have to rely on technology.

Expectant father Corey Menscher wanted to “create a device that would give me a chance to be aware of our baby’s movements”. He created a waistband for his wife which sends a Tweet every time the baby kicks, naming the project “Kickbee”.

You will see where this is going:

Pre birth eleven plus tweets explaining similar figures.

Up to One Year Old classes in language development where words like: “Find the missing three letters” play a significant part.

We usually think about the `terrible’ twos. What about the `tuition’ twos? Here 52 different mathematics topics are introduced over the year. Week 32 – it must be percentages.

There is, however, one factor that does seem to lead towards success – and that is hard work. A significant eleven plus factor may be a mother and father who work hard and set a good example. Hard work alone, however, cans not guarantee eleven plus success. What ever brains, skills, talents and ability parents may pass on to their children – parents have to provide the right environment influences?

A discreet eleven plus tweeter bracelet – may help some children. The bracelet offers a little vibration. The child lifts the bracelet towards his or her ear. A breathy whisper sings: “What will you get if you add ten and one four times?”

(The answer of course is eleven. Ten plus one is eleven!)

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