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Monday, May 02, 2011

Eleven Plus Tests

Eleven plus parents now have a wide variety of tests to choose from. Before they choose a test for their child some parents may want to question how appropriate the test is for their child’s needs. Naturally some tests may be selected because the parent wants information about progress – other tests may tell about what work is still to be done. If the objectives of the test are set out then parents have the ability understand what the test is trying to attain. If the pre eleven plus test or paper is made up of poorly conceived or over generalised objectives, then the results of the measurement are likely to be disappointing to the parent and the child.

In some situations it may be helpful to the parents and their children if the test has alternative forms. The first form can be offered early in the eleven plus experience and the second later on to help to judge progress. Parents will also be able to use the test results to evaluate the effectiveness of what has happened in the interim.

Of course tests can also be used as diagnostic tools. The objectives of the test do not have to try to cope with knowledge – but could look at attitudes and study habits.

Use the following three point scale to state whether the following statements are:

a) True
b) False
c) Uncertain

Eleven Plus Children

I enjoy studying for the eleven plus examination.

My parents help me when I get stuck.

Sometimes I do not feel like working towards the eleven plus.

I am in the top sets at school.

I read a lot of different books.

Eleven Plus Parents

My child should pass the eleven plus with a little help.

I prefer to let my child work through a paper – then we mark the work together.

I like to sit beside my child and help with any questions as they come up.

My child’s school supports the eleven plus.

I wish I had started sooner.

I will be pleased when it is all over.

A test of this nature is designed to look at a family’s approach to the eleven plus. The good thing is that parents can devise their own items and interpret the results how they will. If one of the objectives is to look at behaviour and attitude to work then the questions can be slanted or directed to make or prove a point.

Use the following three point scale to state whether the following statements are:

a) True
b) False
c) Uncertain

I never argue with my parents studying for the eleven plus.

I always pick up my clothes before I go to bed.

I always remember to say please and thank you when someone helps me with an eleven plus question.

I ……. The list goes on!

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