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Friday, September 30, 2011

Eleven Plus Learners

It is possible that, at times, some of us must wonder just how eleven plus children learn. Parents, teachers and tutors will all approach the act of learning in a different manner. There must, however, be some common elements.

The degree and extent that child are prepared to talk about the examination. Is the language sometimes a little more hostile than on other occasions? The method a child uses to be assertive about learning. “No mum, I can do it. Please leave me to try these on my own.”

How often a child refers to past eleven plus experiences and exercises. “Oh yes. I remember. It was slightly different – but I think I can try these on my own.”

The way a child resorts to reason – to demonstrate that he or she can offer solutions to problems without asking for help.

The manner in which a child maintains: “I don’t know how to do this.” Is the child going to do something about working on a solution or simply rely on an explanation?

The way in which the child going to be able to cope with differences of opinion. This is not necessarily about what and when to work – but could be about methods of learning and teaching. “My teacher does not do it in that way.”

How flexible the child is prepared to be. Will he or she actually listen?

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