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Monday, September 19, 2011

Eleven Plus Questions and Answers

For some eleven plus children the wait is over. Other children still have it all before them. Some children and their parents may feel, at times, a powerful need to question the eleven plus and all that it stands for. Other children will relish the approach of the examination and say: “I can’t wait!”

It would be interesting to compare the answers of the `Still to Write’ versus the `Have written.”

When you look at your parents, could they have done more to help you with your eleven plus preparation?

Would you say that you could have done more work?

Did your mind wander sometimes or was it reasonably easy to concentrate?

Were your parents able to help with eleven plus papers or did they call in outside help?

Was there a marked difference in the approach of your mother and that of your father?

Did your parents expect you to be obedient or were you allowed lots of freedom?

Did your school do much to help with your eleven plus preparation?

Do you really want to go to grammar school?

Will grammar school be the right place for you?

Would you have liked to hear more last minute advice or have you had enough?

What will you do after the eleven plus examinations?

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