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Friday, September 16, 2011

Relaxing before the Eleven Plus Examination

Some children are writing eleven plus examinations tomorrow. Other children will be writing next week. It does seem possible that some parents may need a little help with feeling relaxed. The root word of `ataraxles’ means calmness – where one is untroubled by mental or emotional excitation. Some eleven plus parents, just before the examinations, may want to feel peaceful and content and free from all mental anxiety. It may be a bit too late for most children to do much last minute work. Relax, chill and enjoy your child’s company.

Some parents may know a whole lot more about the Indian snake-root remedy called `Rauwolfi Serpentina’ than I do. The very name of the drug seems to open up immense possibilities. Your eleven plus child, for example, will be able to tell you that the word `wolf’ is hidden as is the word `serpent’. We cordially invite parents with experience, however wishful, to share any information with us.

If your child does appear to be a little concerned about the actual examination and the consequences – then you may care to try to reassure your child, endlessly, that the examination is but one of many to come in life – and that all he or she can do is his or her best.

We do know that Siamese fighting fish under the influence of reserpine and meprobamate, will not only refuse to fight but will retreat usually backwards. Even if the fighting fish meet an untreated fighting fish they will retreat and swim away.

As you relax with your child – take out your notebook and start making all the words you can from `reserpine’









More words may spring to mind. If you, and your eleven plus child, can find more words, you may feel yourself relaxing. A little voice may say to you: “You have done the best you can. Enjoy the weekend with your child. You do not need medication because your child will return every good emotion you can offer.”

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