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Saturday, June 08, 2013

DNA and the Eleven Plus

Will scientists ever find the gene within our DNA which will determine eleven plus success? Imagine if your child could have a simple blood test – or a swab – and you would then know if it was worth your while helping your child towards the eleven plus.

When Crick and Watson, in 1953, identified the double-helix they discovered the importance of two strands coiled around each other. When the strands of the helix are separated each provides a template for the synthesis of an identical strand.  Each strand has the same genetic information.

We now know that hereditary information is stored as a specific sequence of bases. Will one day the geneticists ever seek to find the elusive `eleven plus’ gene?  

You move house to a new area – within the zone of the local grammar school. You take on a new mortgage and commit yourself to thousands of pounds – just so that your child can have the best possible education. As your child moves into Year 4 you take that search on Amazon for the wonder DNA testing kit.

Amazon returns the results of eleven different `Eleven Plus Testing Kits’. Do you go for the cheapest option or the best product? Does it really matter – you are already committed to your new home and mortgage? Can you ask other families about the reliability of the tests? Will Amazon offer a money back guarantee?

The fate and the future of the `Wonder Eleven Plus DNA Testing Kit’ is in your hands!

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