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Monday, June 03, 2013

The Eleven Plus and Eggy Bread

Why are there recipes for Eggy Bread or French Toast in cookbooks for girls and boys? We know that after parties, Christmas and any time there has been extra catering, we may have left over bread. Of course the birds deserve some of the left overs. We can also use them in our cooking. (The left over bread – not the birds!)

Before feeding the birds,some of us will cut off the crusts and dry and brown them in the oven. They can then be rolled fine with a rolling pin and stored in an airtight tin for bread crumbing.  The purists among us will want to use a mixture of brown and white crusts. Why? I have no idea!

Back to French toast or Eggy Bread.

2 medium eggs
75ml milk
25g butter
I tablespoon cooking oil
4 slices of bread

Break the eggs in a shallow dish. Heat the butter and oil. Dip the bread. Cook for two minutes – then turn the bread.  Add whatever your child desires. (I have never tried eggy bread with vanilla ice-cream.)

Now if you drizzle syrup over one master slice and then enjoy yourself with patterns on five slices of eggy bread, you could be coming close to solving some elusive eleven plus questions. You could try this at home!

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